Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2013


New Interns 

Names:Hannah Adele

Where your from:
Berlin France and the United States

What your favorite starstyling piece is?
the shorts with the colorful pullstraps at the stitchings Same! I think that the ribbons make it look like a crocodile, and we were lucky enough to make one!

How long you are interning for?
for two weeks- it's a praktikum Same thing for me, except our praktikums overlap: this is my last week and its Hannah's first ;)

What your favorite color is?
I like every color but red is the best :) I think ill have to say royal blue but as long as colors go together I like them all!

Describe your style?
That`s quite difficult because I love the classic, simple style with long dresses, and pearl necklaces but also the natural Hippie-Style and Rock`n Roll with leather jackets and studs. So I mix all styles.
I like to wear colorful, original clothing. I like pretty much all styles, I even like to mix them within a single outfit, as long as everything goes together!

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