Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2009

how to...customize business cards!

So, if you wanna give your customer something special, something unique i have the right thing for you! Customize your business cards!!very simple but authentic and funny : )

...yummi, yummi

Wanna enjoy a meal like this! Than you have to become a starstyling intern! Yummi : )...take a look at the meat, there is cream cheese on it, BAM!

happy birthday dear!

Yesterday, Katja´s birthday (age is a well keept interns secret) was a very cool, relaxed party with friends and colleagues in Weinbergs Park near Rosenthaler Platz!

some pictures to become a feeling of the feeling : )
(f.l) Katja, Tini, Kaiand of course we had something to eat! very "lecker"!!!(f.l) Kai, Louis --> so "lecker"and of course the gifts! A gift card for a cocktail dress by Hugo Schneider!
(f.l.) Basti, LouisAras my intern colleague(f.l) Hugo, Leyla, Louis head : )
(f.l) Tini, Katja, Hugo, Kai, Basti(f.l) Marika, Elli, Katja, Kai, Aras, Louis in front...and the sandwiches in the middle, yammi!

Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2009

...on the move ?!

Yesterday, on the way to get something to eat, someone misses to smile! But his shirt is still smiling : )hmmm....maybe something bad happend ?!?!?!
...or is he just hungry ?better : )

Dienstag, 28. Juli 2009

cream cheese is empty : (

...a tuesday morning and the no cream cheese...shit : (
you have to know that we are cream cheese addicted!
so addicted that we can´t work without...this is Aras, my colleague, he works in our "sweatshop"....but today hes tired because of missing cream cheese : )

Montag, 27. Juli 2009

....still alive

monday morning, 3:28 am, the closet lies on my chief, actually on both!...
this is another way to say "good morning"...

Freitag, 24. Juli 2009

check this out...

It is very important to check the quality before the final delivery! And a part of this quality check is to have a look if it fits! i think this swimtrunk is good : )...and next i will check if the jockstrap fits too!

Donnerstag, 23. Juli 2009

how to...make Kai, the master chief happy :)

You need a big glass!
You need ice (cubes)
And you need Coca Cola : )

most unproductive day of the year!

I think that today (thursday 23.7) is the most unproductive day of the year, no, no i think it is the most unproductive day of the whole starstyling history of unproductive days!

Because the weather is unbearable and we had yesterday an unbelievable meal at Louis our screenprinting chief, we are, as i said: unproductive.i can still smell it... now our most unproductive day of the year is excused :)

the deliveryman can come : )

products are checked!
products are marked!
products are controlled!

the supplier can come!

"did anyone call him ?!"

Mittwoch, 22. Juli 2009

how to...become a starstyling intern ?!

This will be the new "how to" kolumn which will give you the chance to see how the interns @ starstyling work!

The first "how to" deals with tips and tricks to become an intern @ starstyling!

My name is Pana and i am one of the newest interns @ starstyling!

First of all you need or you should have a good contact to a former intern, this helps a lot! Secondly you need a good CV with a photo and all informations about your work experience equal if its an former internship or sales experience or what ever in that business! Than you should have a good but not to good covering letter! "Not too good" means that you should show some of your rough edges, because Katja and Kai look for interesting and humorous people who wants to learn something!

And you should laugh, have fun and work!

Remember: Contact/CV/Fun

Dienstag, 21. Juli 2009

Hokus Fokus backstage!

backstage pictures from the HOKUS FOKUS fashion show! The first fashion show from starstyling.(from left) Gerda, Paula, Lisa(f.l) Pana, Buck, Anne(f.l) Buck, Jakob Wilhelm, Sebastian, Anne, Nastasia(f.l) Anna, Luke(f.l) Jakob Weichmann, Jakob Wilhelm, Julian(f.l) Rieke, Leonie, Kristin(f.l) Pana, Britta, Jessica, Leonie, Katja(f.l) Anna N., Rieke, Jakob Wilhelm, Jakob Weichmann(f.l) Anne J., Louis, Kai

...interns acting!

It is time for us to step forward!
To make the next step in our multiculti/technofriendly lifestyle!

We are interns @ starstyling and now we´re sharing our experiences, work and our life here!