Mittwoch, 26. Mai 2010


foil foil in my heart
foil foil in my brain
foil foil in my balls
foil foil i go insane

(quoted by this person covered in foils)

Freitag, 21. Mai 2010

starstyling in magazines

starstyling in Vice magazine :

starstyling in Maxi magazine :

starstyling in Indie magazine :

starstyling in Gala magazine :

Mittwoch, 19. Mai 2010

What makes our Hands blue?

Indigo dye is an organic compound with a distinctive blue color. Historically, indigo was extracted from plants, and this process was important economically because blue dyes were once rare. Nearly all indigo produced today - several thousand tons each year - is synthetic. It is the blue of blue jeans and of course of our hands.

And this is this lovely flower that can make your jeans blue.
For more information just check the internet.

Montag, 17. Mai 2010

today live: the blue intern group

don't we look handsome with our beautiful blue hands! cutting and sewing denim really gave us a hard workers look
also nicely combined with a watch and a little bit of nailpolish.

so now it is on you to decide which hands belong to who...

Freitag, 14. Mai 2010

Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2010

Starstylin at Wald and at streetwear today

Watch out where Jessica Nussbaum is walking around

And here is our fringes T-Shirt in the newest issue of streetwear today.

Come to the shop and get one or order it at the webshop.

Dienstag, 11. Mai 2010

Welcome Michael!

Since last week we have another new intern, Michael from Hamm
He studies fashion design in Bielefeld,
and he cooked spaghetti bolognese for us today, delicious!