Montag, 8. März 2010

Some informative facts about ...

S like Shop: looking like a spaceship landed in the jungle- the starstyling shop welcomes you!
T like Two Ks: the heart and the head of all- Katja and Kai
A like Atelier: the control centre of starstyling and the place where all the innovative ideas of design have their origin in
R like Republic of Korea: Thank you guys, the majority of people who visit this site is from your country!
S like "Schneider" (engl.: tailor): Hugo's last name almost couldn't be more adequate!
T like Transfer foil: an indispensable part of so many starstyling products-it makes our lifes so shiny!
Y like Yellow (in place of all colors): we are a very colorful label (but as you can see in the AW10/11 collection we have also a dark side)
L like Louis: "La Canadienne" and Heather the press machine are responsible for all that funny foil prints we offer and he also do the serigraph
I like-of course-interns: what would happen here without us? ;-)
N like "Nussi": the starstyling dog is actually called Jessica Nussbaum, but in some special situations "Nussi" is also allowed to use
G like "Good time": being an intern at starstyling offers you the chance to have a good time: learn a lot, meet nice people, have fun and being part of a good-working team!

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