Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2010

today we want to introduce *PHILIPP*, here is a small interview:

hey Philipp, what do you think about the jungle background music played in the store?

" I think it's important, because it is a part of the atmosphere of the shop, because we have a lot
of plants here and we try to create a FEELING of wilderness."

What is your favourite piece of STARSTYLING?

(Philipp walks around the shop)
" That's difficult, I like a lot of pieces, the "pollo" shirt, the "candy" things with the multicolor stones... also i like the wool trousers... I want to get ONE!?

What is the topseller?

"The forever, michael shirt is very popular."

Ok, lets talk about YOU
Age : 24
Homeplace: Düsseldorf
favourite place to be: my bed
favourite designer: Rei Kawakubo, Miuccia Prada

What kind of style is unexpectable for you?
"DON´T wear white boots & animal prints......!!!!!!"

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