Freitag, 11. April 2014

Luisa and Sarah

Hi my name is Sarah.
I just started my internship at Starstyling two weeks ago. I am a Danish fashion student from Kolding School of Design in Denmark. I just moved to Berlin two weeks ago so it has been two weeks of new impression. It has been really nice, i really like Berlin and it has been interesting to be at Starstyling and see how things work in the REAL world.
I am staying in Berlin for 6 months so hopefully i will learn a lot.

A long with me there is another intern Luisa. She is really nice. She is not here today so i will just introduce her shortly and then she can introduce herself later on. Luisa is from Bavaria in Germany and she also studies fashion.She has been at Starstyling one month longer than me, so she is my boss :)

Here you can see a picture of us:

This is Luisa                                     This is me with my silver                    
                                                  hat i made yesterday

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